Catchers with the Most Home Runs in Major League Baseball History
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Catchers with the Most Home Runs in Major League Baseball History

The major league baseball catchers who have hit the most all-time home runs while playing as catchers. Being a catcher in the major leagues is a tough job. It involves a lot of strain on players, and consequently no catchers are among the all-time greatest home run hitters. So catchers have to be judged offensively vs other catchers.

These are the catchers who hit the most home runs in the major leagues while catching games. Each one of these players hit more home runs than are listed, but while playing other positions. Listed here are the home runs the players hit while playing in games as catchers.

Catchers with the Most Home Runs in Major League Baseball History

1. Mike Piazza - 396

Mike Piazza holds the record for most home runs by a catcher with 396. Piazza hit a total of 427 home runs in the major leagues, but 31 of those home runs came while he was a DH or playing 1B. All of Mike Piazza's home runs as a catcher came while he was playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers or the New York Mets in the National League. So Piazza holds the record for most National League home runs as a catcher.

2. Carlton Fisk - 351

Carlton Fisk hit 351 home runs as a catcher. That is second in major league baseball history for catchers, and first in the American League. Fisk hit 376 home runs in his career, which was played entirely in the American League with the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox.

3. Johnny Bench - 326

Johnny Bench hit 326 home runs as a catcher, all with the Cincinnati Reds. Bench hit 389 total home runs in his career. The extra 63 home runs came while he played 3B, 1B and in the OF.

4. Yogi Berra - 305

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Yogi Berra hit 305 home runs as a catcher, and 358 home runs in his major league career, all with the New York Yankees from 1946 to 1965. In addition to catcher, Yogi played 260 games in the OF, two games at 1B, and one game at 3B in his career.

5. Lance Parrish - 299

Lance Parrish hit 299 home runs as a catcher, and 324 home runs in his career. Playing his entire career in the American League, Parrish played some games as a DH, as well as 30 games at 1B, and six games in the OF.

T-6. Gary Carter - 298

Gary Carter hit 298 home runs as a catcher, and 324 total home runs in the major leagues. Carter played his entire career in the National League, and also played 137 games in the OF, 76 games at 1B, and three at 3B.

After being diagnosed with brain cancer in May of 2011, Gary Carter passed away on February 16, 2012 from the same illness. He was just 57 years old at the time of his death.

T-6. Ivan Rodriguez - 298

Ivan Rodriguez has hit 298 home runs as a catcher, and 311 home runs so far in his major league career. Pudge Rodriguez is 40 years old and still looking for a job for the 2012 season. Rodriguez only hit two home runs playing for the Washington Nationals in 2011. The Kansas City Royals have offered him a job for 2012, but he has yet to accept.

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Comments (7)
Ranked #5 in Baseball

A real shame about Gary Carter. As a Mets fan, It was fun watching him play.

I grew up watching Lance Parrish play. It was fun watching him. I may be wrong but I hear he has a radio show in Detroit.

Wonder if Piazza will make the Hall of Fame?

Ranked #2 in Baseball

Sam, yes, it was a real shame about Gary Carter, and a shock. The Mets were a great team to watch in the 1980s with Gary Carter and company. William, I think Piazza is a lock for the Hall of Fame unless he's linked to steroids.

Ranked #2 in Baseball

Chris, I always thought Lance Parrish was a pretty good player, but he had a temper. In college I went to a Red Sox vs Tigers game at Fenway Park, and a fan behind home plate said something to Parrish during the game, and when he had a chance after an inning was over he just fired the ball as hard as he could at the fan. The ball of course hit the backstop but everybody was stunned.

lance parish did not play his entire career in the AL like it stated here.he was in phil for two years and spent one year in pitts.

@Chris Stonecipher-do you know what station he is on.(lance parish).I listen to 97.1 every day and haven't heard him.the last time I knew,he was a coach in the minors.