2011 National League Projected Standings

My projected National League standings for the 2011 season.

The 2011 season is going to be the best one for many years. Here is my projected standings for each team in Major League Baseball's National League. The table shoes the team abbreviation and the number of projected wins for only the 2011 season in the Senior Circuit. If the wins do not add up I'm sorry, but I tried to make it as accurate as possible.

East Central West
PHI - 107 CIN - 94 SF - 93
ATL - 89 STL - 84 SD - 87
WAS - 81 HOU - 82 LA - 82
FLA - 78 MIL - 73 COL - 74
NYM - 72 CHI - 72 ARI - 68
------ PIT - 60 ------

Okay, now here's the reasoning. Philadelphia has four aces. Last season they had three, and they won 97 games, so one more means around ten more wins: 107. In the NL Central I had a harder time choosing the first two spots. I think St. Louis could interchange with Cincinatti, but they do not have Wainwright and Holliday as of now, so I think the Reds will be the top team in that division. And of course the Giants will win the West. Why? They have a decent rotation and I don't think that the Dodgers or Padres will have a good season this year. That leaves San Francisco to be #1 in the NL West.

If the Braves stay healthy, they will win the National League Wild Card and possibly make it to the NLCS.  Watch out for San Diego; all they can do is improve on last season (as far as stats). Last season the Padres posted the second worst team batting average in the National League, despite having 90 wins. Expect them to do better than last season, but still come up short of the division title. Look for St. Louis and Houston having a rumble for the second place spot in the Central with two of the Cardinals' big stars injured. Sorry Pittsburgh and Arizona, this year just isn't yours, better luck next season.

Oh yeah, and as far as the National League Champs, I'm going with a Philadelphia win over San Francisco, you can't argue that. 

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